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Cannabis Labs

We are pleased to work with a number of cannabis laboratories throughout the US.  This is certainly a growth area with new laboratories coming in and existing laboratories adding cannabis testing capabilities.  We are fortunate to have many fine contacts in the industry from both the laboratory and consulting sides.

We will post blogs with articles written regarding the cannabis industry as often as possible as well as do our best to stay on top of the laboratories needs through various organizations such as https://www.cannabisindustryjournal.com and https://cannabinoidqualityassurance.com/.  Here is an article by a good friend and technical consultant, Dr. Ed Askew: https://cannabisindustryjournal.com/column/quality-plans-for-lab-services-managing-risks-as-a-grower-processor-or-dispensary-part-5/.

To date, the cannabis laboratories that we sell to have purchased Nylon, Hyrdophilic PTFE and Hyrdrophobic PTFE syringe filters most commonly.

In relation to tracking samples, we are pleased to show off this option created by our friends at SampleServe: https://youtu.be/66Qfv6MBE-ghttps://youtu.be/b2qMCT_FMsA.

Looking for a LIMS to use? HORIZON Lab Systems has an outstanding LIMS with unparalleled flexibility. Unlike many systems, the HORIZON LIMS is suited for any lab testing cannabis from a state lab/Public Health Laboratory, to a toxicology lab to a commercial enterprise. 

Looking for a cannabis lab consultant?  We certainly don't do it but a good friend in the laboratory industry, Eddie Clemons, does.  Eddie's linked in profile is https://www.linkedin.com/in/eddie-clemons-1a471916/, his PQC-S website and linked in page are https://www.pqc-s.com/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/pqc-s-consulting-services-5a6510181/ respectively and his email is EClemons@PQC-S.com.  

As we learn more about this industry, we will expand this page to a website dedicated to cannabis testing.

For those unfamiliar with the laboratory industry and trying to quickly gain some knowledge, the following online article is quite good in relation to the use of syringe filters: https://andyjconnelly.wordpress.com/2016/09/28/syringe-filters/.