Water Quality Analyst - City of Greeley Wastwater, CO

Posted December 12 2023


The City of Greeley is accepting applications for a Water Quality Analyst Position! This position works alongside the Lab Coordinator and Supervisor to analyze compliance and process control samples, conduct river monitoring, and perform additional studies as needed. 


See a brief rundown of the job duties below, or to view the full application and apply follow THIS LINK!


Job Summary:


The Water Quality Analyst is part of the Water Pollution Control Facility of the Water and Sewer Division and reports to the Wastewater Laboratory Supervisor.  This position exists to collect and analyze samples to ensure compliance with all of the Water Pollution Control Facility’s (WPCF) wastewater permits and to assist with the operations process control analyses on wastewater samples. The incumbent will calculate and log results on appropriate forms, Labshare, and/or Water Information Management System (WIMS). The Analyst will prepare and monitor equipment and chemicals for use in analyses, and works in partnership with our employees, department/divisions, and agencies in delivering effective and accurate results. Other duties include collecting samples of and monitoring the flow of Cache la Poudre River (CLPR) to formulate an accurate flow-rating table, which is critical for the Water Pollution Control Facility’s discharge permit.



Essential Functions (Duties and Responsibilities):

  • Performs proficiency testing by annually analyzing and passing the EPA Discharge Monitoring Report- Quality Assurance Study.
  • Uses hydrologic monitoring on the Cache la Poudre River, including measuring flow on a monthly basis as well as when low or high flow ‘events’ occur, downloading, transferring, and entering data into computer spreadsheets, transferring data to the Colorado Division of Water Resources (CDWR), analyzing hydrologic data in order to update and maintain the Station Record – which is published annually by the CDWR, maintaining the gaging station, and maintaining the river.
  • Maintains operations process control and laboratory records, puts data in usable format, then enters test results into Labshare and/or WIMS, bench sheets, and file maintenance.
  • Calculates and assess data quality and reasonableness using quality assurance measures, acceptance criteria, and program knowledge.
  • Prepares written Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all laboratory methods. Updates SOP manual as analytical methods are changed or added. Researched, developed, and implemented WPCF Laboratory’s QA/QC Program.
  • Recalculates Standard Deviation annually from prior years, data in order to establish new yearly pass/fail limits for Method Detection Limit. Evaluates results of QA/QC checks required to assess validity of data and maintain laboratory requirements and integrity. 
  • Prepares standards, media, and reagents prior to sample analyses and to calibrate laboratory instruments. 
  • Researches, develops, and updates the Safety Data Sheets Program for the WPCF Laboratory. 
  • Works on special projects: Research analytical methods, analytes, parameters, and equipment to meet requirements of the Colorado Discharge Permit System.